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Creating A Good First Impression

Preparing Your Home to Sell - YQL Real Estate - Lethbridge AB

When you are getting your home ready for sale, it is time to step back and evaluate your home. You need to imagine how it will be seen through the eyes of a buyer. Prepare your house to be competitive against other homes on the market.  You need to ensure that your house gives off a good first impression, and shows well, which means it needs to be clutter free, has minor repairs completed and be clean.

  1. Many home buyers are not going to want to buy a home and then have to make major improvements, you need to do this work before it goes on the market.
  2. Getting a professional Home Inspector to inspect your house from top to bottom in advance can help you to identify and take care of any serious deficiencies.
  3. Start outside and see how your house looks from the street.  This is where the all-important first impression comes in. Make sure to remove clutter from the lawn, repair any uneven surfaces, repair any lawn damage, prune trees, weed and mulch flower beds, and lastly, ensure that the lawn is mowed regularly. Other tips:
    • Clean windows
    • Paint front door
    • Clean deck and walkways, paint or stain as necessary
    • Make sure all lights work
    • Clear away any cobwebs of dust
    • Replace old caulking if it looks weathered
    • Repaint if you see faded or cracking on exterior walls, OR
    • Wash down stucco siding

Now Let's Look At The Interior Of Your Home

As soon as the buyer walks in, you want them to see a clean, well-lit interior. You need to ensure any clutter is cleared, and that all floors, baseboard and carpets are freshly cleaned.  You want to ensure that:

  • Your home smells fresh
  • You have cleaned away dust and cobwebs
  • Clear clutter
  • Check for ripped carpeting
  • Spackle and paint any damaged walls
  • Ensure all windows and doors open and shut properly
  • Minimize the amount of furniture in your rooms and clear out closet space to avoid a cluttered appearance
  • Remove or put away valuables such as jewellery

Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Check around sinks, toilets and bathtubs for plumbing leaks or mould
  • Clean all appliances and put unnecessary appliances out of sight
  • Clean cabinets inside and out
  • Scrub sinks and toilets, remove any rust stains or mildew

Showing Your Home

When it comes time to show your home, make it as easier on yourself as possible to have your house “show ready” by:

  • Open blinds, and turn on lights to make the house appear bright
  • Air out the house to eliminate any pet or cooking odours
  • Empty garbage, clear clutter

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