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Many houses tend to go on the market during Spring, this doesn’t mean it is the only good time to sell your home. There are always buyers and sellers, so the best time to sell is when it works best for you, the best time to sell is when your home no longer suits your needs. While winter is thought to be the worst time to sell, this is not necessarily the case, if someone is looking for a home during the winter months, there may be less inventory to choose from, which may lead your property to stand out more, which could help you get a higher selling price.

When you are selling your home, you should also take economic factors into consideration. You should look at current interest rates and how they compare to your current rates, if they are higher, you can expect your payments to be higher than your existing ones upon the purchase of a new home. If interest rates are lower, it may be the perfect time to trade your home for a more expensive one, without significantly increasing your monthly payments.

Another economic factor to consider is market trends, such as whether it is a buyers market or a seller's market. Typically in a buyers’ market, there are more homes for sale than there are buyers to purchase them. This may lead to homes being listed on the market and prices may either stabilize or decrease. By ensuring your home is priced at a fair value and is ready to show, your home can still sell in a reasonable amount of time, and close to your listed price.

On the other hand, a seller's market has more buyers than houses available for purchase. This turns into quicker sales and higher selling prices.

Lastly, there is a balanced market, meaning that the quantity of homes on the market is approximately equal to the number of buyers.

Regardless of the time, or the economy, YQL Real Estate is able to give you the necessary knowledge and resources to get you moving to your next destination.

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